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4 Easy Tricks To Store Leftover Diamond Painting Beads

4 Easy Tricks To Store Leftover Diamond Painting Beads

What To Do With My Leftover Diamond Painting Beads? 

Well, you finally are rolling along and getting the hang of things, and as you move along doing your diamond painting you are finding out that you have left over rhinestone diamonds.

Certainly, you will have this question "What to do with the leftover diamond painting beads?"  Of course, the easy way is to get a diamond storage box to keep everything in place. 

However, if you are looking for some home tricks to store your leftover diamond painting beads, we have some GREAT ideas for you. Read on and discover the 4 simple tricks to keep y our leftover diamond painting beads.  

Trick #1: Use your egg containers

Oh, yeah! Use egg containers; they really come in handy! Once you start a diamond painting project and start having leftover diamonds, just put the leftovers diamond beads by color in each egg slot. This trick has proven to be useful. I do recommend to use a rubber band when you're done for the day so "just in case" you knock the egg carton over, you won't lose your diamonds.

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 Tip #2 Use a cup spinner 

That's right! a cup spinner works really well and they are inexpensive too!! They cost about 15 to 20 dollars and are easily found at Walmart or Amazon and even eBay. 

Tip # 3 how about a tic tac

tic tac anyone? yes, these little cases work so very well. Next time you are at the checkout at the grocery store grab a tic tac and save the box!! this works really well and if they fall off your table chances are they will be in tac hahaha get the joke!

Tip #4 the dry cleaner
ok, so not really a dry cleaner but ever notice how the clothes look so nice on that clothing rack at your local dry cleaners? You can have the same sort of thing in your diamond painting hobby room. 
How nice does that look?  WOW, If you are a serious diamond painting hobbyist then this would be perfect for you It makes keeping your rhinestone diamonds organized and in one place.

I hope these tips are helpful. Stay tuned for another blog very soon from us. We have many interesting topics coming soon to the blog.


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