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A Diamond Art Painting How To Guide

A Diamond Art Painting How To Guide

What Is 5D Diamond Painting?

5D-Diamond-Painting-Kits-How-To-Guide Diamond art painting is an enjoyable hobby that has become the latest craze. It’s a new art form based on a similar hobby called paint by numbers. Diamond painting is the sister to paint by numbers.

With 5d DIY Diamond Painting, you place the rhinestone/beaded paintings on the canvas. 5D Diamond Paintings technology is to put your images into patterns and is similar to cross stitching.

Small, shiny diamonds often called rhinestones or (beads or drills) they are then applied to a canvas that is sticky to hold the beads, and once you place the rhinestones on the canvas in the appropriate place you soon will see your artwork come to life!



The diamonds are mated to a color code that is on the side of your canvas and most often the size is 2.5mm. The two significant shapes are round and square, but there a variety of unique configurations that are used to show off your painting.

Each 5d diamond painting kit from us comes with useful tools to get you started. You get a sorting tray, tweezers, a pen to pick up the diamonds, & a wax pad used for holding the diamonds to the pen tool.


There are three major types of 5D kits to choose from
they are partial Drill, Full Drill, and Multi-paneled kits.


1. Partial Drill Kits 

Diamonds cover only a part of the painting area. Each canvas is printed using a high definition printing format, but only some of them have paintings with diamonds that cover the entire canvas. Symbols are placed on the side of the painting indicating where to set the diamonds.

2. Full Drill Kits 

Diamonds are covering the entire painting area; no part is left undone. These diamond paintings are printed with symbols on the whole canvas. The sticky canvas will be covered entirely in the drills when you complete the diamond art painting.

And When are you done the result will have many wanting to know how did you do that? The stunning colors and shimmering glow of your painting will surely be the talk of many that see it.

3. Multi-Paneled Kits 

Partial drill / Full Drill Paintings that usually include three paintings to complete the result. Typically, there are three to five large paintings that make-up one large diamond painting.

These diamond art kits for sale are much like many of the regular 5 D paintings offered but feature 3 or more panels that are used to create a larger very vivid picture. The diamond painting kits supplied by us are marked with the corresponding number/color to complete the painting.

While the smaller sizes are less expensive, and designed for the beginner to the hobby of diamond art painting, you’ll likely want to have a larger size for more detail and vivid color display Once you’ve completed a more significant size painting, you’ll have a tough time going back to the smaller choices!


Diamond painting is a creative and elegant hobby, which will bring you lots of fun. Try it today and you will be amazed at what you can produce and the beautiful artwork you make. You will be creating a work of art. Diamond art painting has so many benefits!!.

The friendships you can make and the social media frenzy that goes along with it has made diamond art painting a hobby that has increased in popularity so much so that clubs, shows, and relationships that are beneficial to this hobby have been formed.

Welcome to your new addiction!!! 

All the paintings shown here are available on our website. There is so much to diamond art painting we will continue to write about this fantastic hobby.

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