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How To Frame A Diamond Art Painting Correctly?

How To Frame A Diamond Art Painting Correctly?

The diamond painting hobby is gaining popularity
The diamond painting hobby has become a popular hobby and a great stress reliever. We always say there is that one painting you will do that you eventually will want to frame it. We will explain the best way to do it and the best frame to get.


The diamond painting uses two things, one a  fabric, and two a  template that you apply the rhinestones commonly called diamonds using the color guide that is most often on the side of your painting similar to the picture below



There are so many options available many frames to choose from and a lot of do"s and don't"s. Traditional frames, however, seem to be the most common, and by far the easiest way to show off your latest diamond art painting that you took pride in making, you'll want to remember these tips.

If you frame your painting Please, don't use glass. Of any kind, because glass tends to lessen the natural beauty and shine and brilliance of your diamond painting.

It is important to measure the whole piece and consider whether you'll trim the blank border of the template.

When you have to dust and clean your painting use, only a soft cloth never use cleaners, detergents or abrasive paper towels. When it comes to mounting your painting, please remember these tips:

1. Be sure to get the dimensions of your picture. How large the decorated portion of the template is because it doesn't always include the plain border surrounding it. And if that's the case, then it will not look right when you decide to frame it.
Determine your canvas mounting style. 
2. Be sure to figure this all out ahead of time if you will have a border of canvas around the edges, or whether your painting will cover the entire area.
3. Use a strong permanent adhesive and apply evenly from corner to corner and be sure to not use too much as in this case more is not better.
 Well there you have it

When you're ready to display your completed diamond painting kit, no matter your display method, it is will surely get attention. We love this artistic hobby; it is such a favorite hobby of so many and more and more are discovering how much fun it really is. I bet you will want to do more and more diamond paintings. 

We hope this blog helped with how to frame your newest creation.

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