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I need a bigger canvas right??

I need a bigger canvas right??

What Size diamond painting  Should I Choose?

The larger the canvas, the clearer the results

Choosing the right size diamond painting can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy your Diamond Painting and how nice the end result can be. A small picture that is too small you could end up lacking details. Too big and you may have a huge project that you really didn't want.

We know, though, that if you get the size that works for you the happiness & joy you will get can make you very happy with your Diamond Painting. It can become a stunning piece of artwork you will be proud to display in your home, office, workplace or even as a gift for many years to come. So, here are a few things to consider when deciding on what size canvas to choose:

1) How big a project do you want?

There is a difference between completing, say a 300-piece puzzle and a 2,500 piece puzzle.

The smaller puzzle can be fun for a couple of evenings; the 2,500 puzzle will take many days&nights or even weeks to put together.

With  Diamond art Painting there is not a lot of difference - If you want  a HUGE project and have the time the bigger canvas is better and will reward you with a sharp shimmering painting, The smaller one, however, will not be quite as bright and although still beautiful, you will notice less detail in painting itself


Will I have good details in my diamond art?

Your canvas is going to have of a grid with each square on that grid fitting one of your colored diamonds:

Close up of Diamonds on a Canvas

So, the larger the canvas you pick, the more area you will have available for different colored rhinestones and the more subtle shades and imperfections can show.

So, if you choose a smaller diamond art painting, you will sacrifice detail. You may be able to get away with a smaller one. But, the more details  you want, the more significant the canvas you'll want to pick:

The Larger the Canvas, The Clearer the Result


3)  Why are you buying this Diamond Painting?

The bigger the canvas you choose, the more realistic and mesmerizing the results.

So, if your goal is to practice and learn how to do a Diamond art Painting, a smaller size diamond art painting will work very well for you.  If, however, you want to frame your final piece you would be much better off getting the largest diamond painting you can afford. 

4) How much space do you have? 

Be sure to measure the area where you are going to put your painting because you don't want to get one too big if it's going to hog all the space you have and not look appropriate in the area that which you have available. The same is true with going to small; you don't want to have a small painting with ample left over leaving you a blank open space. There' is a lot to consider when buying a diamond painting.

 I hope that this helps and gives you an opportunity to figure out what would be best for you. 


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