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Is Bigger Better?

Is Bigger Better?

Is it really tricky to get the right size painting?  What is the secret to size and clarity?

First, as you already know these diamond painting kits, that are also known as embroidery painting kits come in many different sizes. You can get a diamond painting as small as  (20x17cm) all the way up to  (60x45cm). However, the smaller painting kits will be less detailed and the finished image will be less brilliant and the finer details will not be as clear. Think of it as watching tv in 4k resolution and compare the that to 1080p. You get a nice image with 1080p, but 4k is much more brilliant.
Smaller canvas paintings are certainly less expensive and a good idea for children or beginners but you don’t want to waste your valuable time on something if your skill level and confidence has increased as you get better at diamond painting. in general, consider the kind of painting you decide you want to start on to determine what size canvas to purchase. If the image is something academic such as a landscape, diamond painting you will be able to get away with a smaller canvas. However, the more realistic the image, such as a person's face or an animal painting,  the more realistic looking it will be and you will have much better clarity and detail. Just remember, it is all according to preference, skill level, and your desires. 
 Look at the difference below. They all look nice  but the bigger one has that  
clarity and resolution that pops.

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