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Losing My Diamonds Now What?? We Have The Answer

Losing My Diamonds Now What?? We Have The Answer

How can we keep the Diamonds from Disappearing?

Good job! yes, you made a great looking diamond painting and hope that your diamonds will not fall off. 

The best thing you could do is frame your painting, and use glass or plastic to cover the painting. There is a great sealant we purchased at Walmart for 9 dollars and it helps a lot.

 you will still get a brilliant shine using this spray to keep the diamonds intact. I highly recommend that you spray your diamond art painting outside as the fumes can be very irritating. And easy does it as you do not need to spray a ton of this on your diamond painting.
What if I get going and my diamonds look bad when I open the package?
I know this is not exactly related to this blog about sealing the diamond painting but I wanted to quickly discuss this with you. It seems that black diamonds are popular for this problem, getting small broken diamonds that are mixed with dust and chipped stones can be irritating. When I open my rhinestones for the first time I use a strainer and shake the heck out of them until the small specks are dislodged and out of your package of diamonds. I also keep any leftovers, you would be surprised how having extra diamond rhinestones can be helpful to you. I save my tic tac containers and these make excellent storage containers for your diamonds.
Look for more information coming soon in my blog.  

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