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Oh No!! It Happened To Me!

Oh No!! It Happened To Me!

It happened! I dropped my Diamonds now what??

The thing to do after you cry of course is to sweep them up. We found that using a small handheld dustpan and brush works well or Swiffer them!! Try to build up some static. The Diamonds like the static and will be easier to pick up. Using a Swiffer, you can try to rub the static duster with a plastic bag. Put the bag over the Swiffer and rub to build that static up. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times to create a static charge. The Swiffer pad will look thick and fluffy. remove the bag and then you can start picking up your diamonds with the Swiffer. 

I accidentally put out the wrong color on my painting

believe it or not, this happens more often than you might think. The bad news is that there is little that can be done other than getting a toothpick or a safety pin and try to pull them up off the canvas. You can pull on the rhinestones but be careful, if you pull too hard you can accidentally damage the canvas and then your painting can be damaged. A careful eye is the best way to prevent this from happening.

My diamonds don't look centered what did I do wrong?

This too is a problem we face and well, there is a fix. You need a small knife or safety pin to try to push the diamonds back upright and straight. But be very careful not to tear the canvas. If the rhinestones are not tacky then this process will not work. Look over your work and check for the way you have aligned the diamonds.

I hope these few tips encourage you to keep on keeping on and enjoying this awesome hobby. So glad we have such a fun hobby making 5D Diamond art 


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