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Things You Should Know Before Buying A 5D Diamond Painting Kit

Things You Should Know Before Buying A 5D Diamond Painting Kit

5D Diamond Painting Kit Technology 

One of the newest craft projects that can help you relax in this our modern day society where everything is out to stress you is diamond painting.

It is kind of a new art form, although rhinestones and beads painting have existed for almost a century now.

This type of painting is done on a pre-printed canvas. And the image or images printed on this canvas are usually broken down into patterns with 5d diamond painting technology. This pre-printed canvas usually come with other tools and together they form the 5D diamond painting kit.

5D diamond painting kits contain bags of colored diamonds. The diamonds or crystals in a 5D diamond painting kit are multi-faceted and sparkly, which makes them perfect for producing an image that is beautiful in all angles. These are what you’ll use to fill up the patterns on the pre-printed canvas to produce a work of art (a 5D image).  

The surface of the canvas is sticky so that it can hold down the applied diamond.

What’s more, the colored diamonds come in different shapes and designs, although most 5D diamond painting kits offer crystals that are either round or square in shape.

The part of the crystals that stick to the canvas is usually flat and strategically designed to stick with the canvas for a long time. The diamonds offered in 5D diamond painting kits can be opaque with shiny facets (surfaces) or transparent.

While light can shine through transparent diamonds, the opaque crystals, on the other hand, reflect the lights that touch their surfaces. In spite of the fact that the opaque diamonds are very common among diamond painting aficionados, the transparent crystals are virtually the latest trend in 5d diamond painting.

Because there are diverse producers of 5D diamond painting kits and numerous selections of pre-printed canvas to choose from, it is possible to make the wrong choice of 5D diamond painting kits.

Are you are looking to purchase the best 5D diamond painting kits for your next craft project? If you are, here are a few things to have at the back of your mind before you choose a brand for your 5D diamond painting kit.

5 Things you should know before you purchase  5D diamond painting kits

1. Is it a full drill kit, partial drill kit or a multi-paneled kit?

One of the first details to look out for when purchasing your 5D diamond painting kit is the amount of space you’ll have to paint with diamonds on the canvas.

Diamond painting kits come in 3 major drills, while some are full drill kits, others are partial drill kits or multi-paneled kits.

For Full drill kits, the image is designed in such a way that you'll have to paint on the whole image with diamonds. You'll have to invest a significant amount of time on this craft project since you'd have to paint on the entire space on the canvas.

The outcome, however, will cause your neighbors, friends, family and whomever you show the painting to open their mouths wide in admiration. Note: the full image on a full dill kit is usually covered with plastic sheets or strips, and it's best to approach the canvas one section at a time. 


Partial dill kits are printed with the same standards as a full drill kit; the only difference is you don't get to paint the whole picture with diamonds. Usually, the partial drill kit would have an HD image as a backdrop for the diamond painted image.

Since the background image is printed using high definition techniques, there would be a beautiful contrast between the HD printed half of the image, and the diamond painted part of the image. All in all, you'll have a beautiful work of art.

Multi-paneled kits offer full or partial drill images that comprise of two or more distinct images. When each painting in a multi-paneled kit is achieved, they are put together with other images in the kit to produce a final piece.

Truth be told, you’ll need to invest a lot of time in this type of diamond painting project since you’ll have to work on more than one full or partial drill painting. The reward, however, is worth the time and effort and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for a long time.

And the diamond art painting accessories are the latest trend you will love too. You can now decorate your table with a lovely diamond art table decoration, or decorate your bag or keys with beautiful DIY key chains.


2. The size, design, and color of the 5D diamond painting kit

Whether you are working to produce a beautiful 5D diamond Painted art for your living room, office or wherever else, you need to know the size of the kit before you make a purchase.

Kits come in different sizes, designs, and colors: while most people are much more inclined to go for the bigger sizes for all their diamond painting needs. The bigger the size the better the result you will achieve from your diamond painting kit.  However, for beginner, we would suggest you go for a smaller size to try out this amazing hobby, as it is easier and cheaper to get your masterpiece done in a short time. 

Generally, you’ll have an array of designs, sizes, and colors for your diamond painting kit when you are looking to make a purchase. That is why you need to buy your 5d diamond painting kit from premium suppliers who will outfit you with a wide range of options.   

3. How much will the painting cost

In spite of the fact that 5d diamond painting kits are not overly expensive, you can still save a few bucks off your purchase.

Before you make a purchase from any brand, make sure you are getting the best quality at a reasonable cost. Hey! You can even get a 15% discount when you purchase from our store. Simply use the discount code WELCOMEDP15 at checkout!

4. Is it a seasonal kit?

Without a doubt, any 5D diamond painting you put in your home or office will cause passersby to look twice. On the other hand, people won’t appreciate a painting that is well past its season.

That Halloween painting is adorable, but do you want to have it on your wall during Christmas and Thanksgiving? one of the things you need to know when purchasing your diamond art painting kits.

5. The durability of the kit

I’m fairly certain that you’ll be disappointed with this kind of scenario: you invest your time and money on a 5D diamond painting kit, only for it to lose its shine and quality in the first few months of you getting it.

To avoid this kind of scenario, it's important to get durable kits from quality suppliers. 

Believe now you have a better understanding of the things you need to know before purchasing diamond art painting kits. 

If you are thinking of getting one now, why not check out our high-quality kits in our store? You won't need to worry about the above-mentioned things, just enjoy getting your artwork to unfold.

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