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Beaches And Sunsets

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5d Beach and Sunset Diamond Painting

If you are a nature lover and likes to paint nature, buy 5d beach diamond painting. The diamond painting will not just help in passing your free time but will add a creative angle to your personality. You would enjoy making a diamond painting because:

  • You work on the painting by placing each diamond on your own.
  • Decide on the hues and create cross stitches. So, this way you learn a new art as well.

You will be given a kit with the painting which will contain the following:

  • 1x canvas with the guide.
  • 1 organizing tray- this will hold all the diamonds to apply.
  • 1 wax pad- wax is used to place the diamonds.
  • 1 pen used as a stylus to apply diamonds.

Excite your senses and make boring days interesting through diamond paintings.